Austin Cedar Removal Services


Property owners with overgrown lots, large trees, and other obstacles may need to have them removed. Trees such as cedar may also need to be removed due to clearing the lot or because of allergies. No matter the reason, when any land needs to be cleared, professional land clearing in Austin, TX, is the answer.

Building Projects

Before a residential or commercial building project can begin, the land needs to be cleared. It is crucial to make sure there are no trees in the way of heavy equipment needed for building and to clear the land to prepare for grading and construction. This is often a lot more than mowing or removing grass and cutting down a few trees – it’s often a huge job, even on smaller properties. For this reason, professional assistance to get the job done right and prevent future issues with the land is crucial.

Future Use

Clearing land now allows for it to be prepared for future use, even if the proposed project will not be occurring for at least a few years. By cutting down trees, brush, and more, it’s possible to clear the land and plant ground cover to prevent regrowth until the project can be started. It is important to make sure the clearing is done right, so future use is still possible.

Irrigation and Water Flow Control

While plants are excellent at erosion control, they may be blocking irrigation or water flow in an area. Land clearing can help correct these issues and provide a clean slate for other projects, like land grading or the installation of retaining walls, can be done. Once the irrigation and water flow are corrected, new plants can be added to the property to restore the look without getting in the way.

Clearing the Land

Clearing the land isn’t as easy as it might seem – most people will end up a bit overwhelmed if they decide to tackle the project on their own. The right equipment makes the job a lot easier, but knowing how to use it and how to stay safe is crucial. Incorrect removals could damage the soil, making it more difficult and expensive for anything to grow in the future. It’s a job best left to the professionals to make sure it gets done right.

Removing Cedar

Cedar is a common allergen, so the trees may need to be removed from certain properties to help those who suffer from cedar allergies. This job needs to be done carefully to prevent allergens from remaining on the property, as well as to prevent major damage to the property during the removal. Professionals can grind the cedar on the property to create mulch, if desired, that can be used throughout the property.

When land clearing or cedar removal in Austin is needed, trust the professionals to get the job done right. There are plenty of reasons to have this done, and when it is needed, professional assistance will ensure the job is done quickly and correctly. Contact professionals today to learn more about the options available and to schedule a time for land clearing or cedar removal.