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A fungal disease, oak wilt spreads quickly through trees and can lead to the death of oak trees. Since any oak tree can be infected and prevention is difficult, it’s crucial to know what it looks like and what to do if it’s detected. Leaves suffering from oak wilt will have brown, thick veins instead of a light yellow-green color. It is easy to see once the disease has significantly impacted the tree, though it can be harder to spot the first signs of oak wilt. Professional inspections, treatments, and other Austin oak wilt services can help determine if there is oak wilt, then help correct the issue before the tree dies.

Oak Wilt Trenching

Oak wilt spreads through the roots of the trees. Since roots can travel far and are often interconnected with neighboring trees, even on other properties, it’s possible for oak wilt to spread rapidly once it’s in an area. Trenching is a way of severing the root connections between trees to help prevent the spread. It is crucial to have a professional handle this, as the depth and placement of the trench can have a significant impact on whether or not it’s successful. Also, if it’s not done correctly, it could lead to the death of the tree.

Oak Wilt Injections

Trenching can help protect trees but isn’t always successful. Once oak wilt has infected the tree, treatment is required to prevent the death of the tree and the infection of the surrounding oak trees. Injections can be the right answer, and there are micro or macro injections that can be done. Both involve drilling holes into the tree and inserting a chemical to help the tree heal. The right technique to use can be determined by a professional, as there are benefits to using both of them.

What’s Next?

It’s important to keep an eye on the tree to make sure the treatments are working. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the surrounding trees to catch oak wilt early, before it has the chance to do significant damage, if it does spread to other trees. Warning neighbors is often a good idea so they can keep an eye out for oak wilt on their own trees. It’s a good idea to reapply the treatment every one to one and a half years, as well, to make sure the tree is as healthy as possible and to prevent the oak wilt from coming back again.

If you have oak trees on your property, it’s crucial to keep an eye on them and look out for oak wilt and other diseases. Hays County oak wilt treatment done by a professional can help save the trees on your property and may be able to help prevent other trees from suffering the same issues. A professional inspection can help you get answers to any concerns you have, as well as allow you to learn more about today’s treatment options and how effective they are against oak wilt.

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