Oak Wilt And The Best Oak Wilt Treatment

Oak Wilt Treatment

Oak wilt is a disease that can spread quickly and leave a path of destruction in its wake. One of the primary ways oak wilt spreads is underground through the root systems. The disease can spread very quickly and infected trees typically have a life span of a few months or less. The best oak wilt treatment and method to prevent disease transfer and protect all trees is to dig a trench at least 48″ between the infected and healthy trees.

By using heavy machinery specifically designed for trenching, We Love Trees is one of just a few machines out there able to do it correctly.  Trenching is the most efficient and cost effective approach to treating oak wilt disease. We Love Trees owns and operates the first manufactured rock saw specifically designed and built for oak wilt suppression. As an added bonus, this machine backfills as it moves forward, leaving a clean path that does not require additional machinery or labor to put the dirt back into the excavated area. An open trench would be hazardous to animals, livestock, and people! This specialized machine’s rubber tires leave a minimal footprint, allowing us to drive through delicate areas. It’s not unusual for us to make a pass on a front lawn, through the side fence and across the backyard. Because it is all wheel drive, it can also navigate tight and hard to reach parts of urban land.

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