Tree Trimming Services


We offer tree trimming, removal, and pruning services. Get rid of old trees, dead branches or clear out hanging limbs to help promote growth, increase safety, and enhance the beauty of your landscape.  Tree trimming services can also keep your home from being damaged by falling limbs during bad weather.

The benefits of trimming and pruning your trees is exponential. By removing the bad parts you allow the trees to maximize the nutrients that keep them alive. You also increase their strength and integrity by eliminating diseased branches that could make the entire tree sick.

Pruning and trimming your trees also helps reduce risk. By removing the bad parts you eliminate the possibility of limbs falling on people, your home or building causing further damage that is costly to repair. Tree trimming and removal adds value to your home by providing a safer and more manicured look.

Our approach is to not only help the tree but to also make sure it’s appearance is picturesque and balanced.

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Texas has some of the most incredible oak trees on the planet. Their big beautiful canopies provide beauty to landscapes and cover from hot Texas temperatures. But oaks are also susceptible to disease. Oak Wilt is one of the most devastating tree diseases and if not treated can wreak havoc directly and on neighboring trees. Oak wilt robs the tree of it’s ability to obtain water and nutrients resulting in wilting leaves, leaf drop, limb die-back and tree death.

The first step is to diagnose the presence of oak wilt. We do this through visual inspection and sometimes taking a sample to be sent to TAMU.

Our plans for treatment are custom to your situation and budget. This normally involves trenching or injecting or a combination of both.

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Austin Oak Wilt Trenching
Land Clearing Services


Our land clearing services are perfect for clearing out home lots, site prep for construction projects and more. We don’t just come in and tear things out. There has to be a plan that accomplishes the goal of clearing the space but also takes into account the surrounding environment and the impact.

Our team of professionals and on-staff arborist have the experience to remove trees and thick vegetation by brush clearing the property, leaving the important roots behind, and then repurposing vegetation which help maintain the soil integrity. The resulting brush and trees can be mulched and delivered back to the soil to keep it healthy and sustainable. This natural fertilization is a key component to keeping your property healthy for years to come.

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Tree fertilization in Austin is an important part to the overall picture when it comes to maintaining a healthy and long lasting landscape. Unlike trees in a forest, which benefit from natural mulching by fallen branches and debris, trees in an urban environment encounter a lot more issues that can affect their health. This is why a once or twice a year fertilization program is so beneficial.

Over decades humans have cut down forests, paved roads and damaged the environment that sustains living trees and plants. This has depleted the natural process of replenishing nutrients in the soil. Through organic fertilizers, bio-stimulants we can first take soil samples and then target your trees and lawn with the perfect combination of products that will breathe life back into your property.

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Austin Tree Fertilization
Tree Chipping Austin


There’s no doubt Austin and surrounding counties have an abundance of trees and various forms of vegetation.  The beauty of trees and other organics is their ability to be repurposed and to replenish the soil through mulching and natural processes. Once a tree is cut down and removed the best next step is to chip it.  As a We Love Trees customer we can provide this service in additional to trimming and removing trees.  Why just let it go to waste when it can be chipped and reused in your own garden or landscaping to revitalize the soil, refresh the look, and also dampen weed growth.

If you have old trees or stumps that need removal, or need to clear out a lot of trees we can bring in our team of tree care specialists and perform these services to the highest standards.  We Love Trees most important goal is to do the job right and make our customers happy.