The Importance of Cleaning Up Tree Damage After a Storm

Tree Trimmers In Austin

Research shows that trees have the largest impact on residential life in states like Texas. There are many homes with trees, improving the appearance of neighbourhoods. Occasionally Texas experiences a variety of storms that could cause damage. Tree damage is very common in these instances and should be taken seriously. This is why a tree trimmer in Austin is so important if there has been a storm. Cleanup may be necessary, and your tree may need some extra care. Keep reading to find out why you should have tree damage addressed after a storm.

Protects Your Home

One of the main reasons to hire a tree trimmer in Austin is to protect your home. Storm damage can have a significant impact on the stability of trees. Tree damage may be superficial, such as broken tree limbs. Or the damage could be more significant, requiring cedar tree removal. The value of your home is at stake when it comes to taking care of this problem. This is especially true if the tree is situated closer to your home. Precarious tree branches could fall and damage your home and property. This is a problem that is very common after a storm since branches are very heavy.

If you notice any damage to your tree, you should hire professionals to address it. Some areas of the tree could be weakened, making it more susceptible to falling in the future.

Keeps the Tree Healthy

Tree clean-up after a storm also is important when it comes to the tree itself. Like any kind of plant, trees can become damaged, preventing them from growing. Most trees are quite perseverant and won’t be too injured by broken tree limbs. But these issues do need to be addressed so that the health of the tree’s maintained. For example, there may be tree branches that are broken but haven’t fallen completely off. This is not good for the tree as it adds weight, and the limb will eventually need to fall. Professionals will also be able to ensure that there is no other damage to the tree. You may not be able to see certain kinds of damage without the experience. Oak wilt is important to address and will need an oak wilt treatment. After a storm, it is always best to have the trees checked out to make sure they are still in good condition.

Keeps People Safe

It goes without saying that tree damage can be quite dangerous. Depending on the type of damage, your tree could become a hazard to your family. Not only could it damage your house, it could damage people outside. This is particularly risky when it comes to tree branches that haven’t fallen down yet. Broken branches will eventually fall out of the tree from the wait. They need to be removed as soon as possible so that they don’t fall on someone. Having broken tree limbs lying around is also a hazard to your family. People may trip over these tree limbs and other debris like leaves could hide these tripping hazards.

Improves Curb Appeal

Storm damage completely ruins the way the outside of your home looks. Even if there isn’t significant damage, there is most likely a bunch of debris lying around. This is very common if you have one or several trees on your property. There may be leaves covering the ground and tree branches scattered around the property. The trees themselves may also look bad if they have been damaged. Tree branches may be hanging off of the tree or there may be bare patches. Tree trimmers will be able to address these issues and make your tree look nice again. They can trim the entire tree to even out areas where limbs have been knocked down. They will also be able to clear your property of all the debris. In some cases, tree removal may be necessary for fallen trees. This is not a job you want to take on yourself as it is very difficult. You won’t have the equipment, and you won’t have the best way of discarding the tree afterward.

Prevents Pests

Fallen tree branches invite all kinds of pests onto your property. If they are not picked up, they provide the perfect hiding spot and nesting areas. This is not good for your property, and it isn’t good for your tree either. Trees can get infections and become infested with pests from these kinds of problems.

Why Hire Tree Clean-Up Professionals?

After a storm, it is very important to make sure cleanup is addressed. This is especially important for homes where there is a tree on the property.

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Tree Damage: Cleaning Up After a Storm

If you experienced the ice storm in Texas, you probably have tree damage. Damage like fallen trees, broken tree limbs, and oak wilt is very serious. You want to hire professional tree trimmers to help you clean up after this mess.

Do you need your tree trimmed or removed? Contact us today at We Love Trees to schedule an estimate for your property.