Tree Care Services for Wimberley, TX, and Surrounding Areas

Tree Care Services Wimberley TX

Providing shade, a place for animals to call home, and the oxygen needed to sustain life, trees are an asset in any yard. They do, however, need care to help them grow as strong and healthy as possible. Protection is also needed for oak trees, as oak wilt is a common disease that can wreak havoc, and prevention is the best way to keep trees healthy. When expert tree care is needed, always turn to professionals for the right help and don’t attempt DIY solutions.

Tree Trimming

Trimming is done to help prevent potential issues and keep trees healthy. Tree trimming removes branches that are dead or dying and can be used to thin out the top of the tree, allowing more sun and water to reach the roots. This can also help any plants that are growing below the tree, too. When trimming is done, it’s important to be selective over which branches are cut to avoid over cutting and damaging the tree. Professional tree trimming makes sure this job is done right, so the tree gets all of the benefits of being trimmed.

Tree Removal

While the goal of tree care is to help trees grow, there are times when removal is needed. Trees may need to be removed if they’re dying, leaning, or in a hazardous location, such as near a powerline. Trees may also need to be removed if they’re suffering from pests or diseases. Prevention methods can help keep the tree from getting to this point, but once the infestation or disease has spread, removal may be the only option. Tree removal is dangerous, so it should only be done by an experienced professional. They will make sure the tree is brought down carefully to avoid potential risks.

Tree Fertilization

Trees don’t just rely on sunlight and water to grow – they require proper nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Over time, however, the nutrients in the soil around the tree become depleted. Fertilization adds nutrients back into the soil, ensuring the tree has everything it needs. While there are products available for DIY fertilization, it is recommended to have this done by a professional to make sure the right fertilizers are used at the correct time for the tree to avoid overfertilization.

Oak Wilt Diseases

Bretziella fagacearum is a bacteria that can enter oak trees and end up killing the tree. The bacteria gets into the tiny pores in the tree where water travels, plugging the pores so water can’t reach the leaves of the tree. The leaves will start to die, and eventually, the tree will succumb to the disease.

All oak trees that are infected with oak wilt disease are very likely to die, if untreated. Only an experienced, licensed fungicide applicator can determine if the tree is a viable candidate to be saved.  Any oaks can be infected with this bacteria, known as oak wilt disease, and can die in as little as a month. Red oaks are more susceptible, but white oaks and live oaks can be infected, too. Proper and prompt care is needed to try and save the tree and prevent the spread to other oaks.

It is possible to protect trees against oak wilt and slow or stop the spread of the disease. Communities should work together to protect against the disease and keep the oak trees in the area as healthy as possible. Communication can mean neighbors are made aware when a tree is discovered to have oak wilt disease. Since the disease can spread through the long roots of oak trees, an infected tree in a neighbor’s yard can spread to other yards in the area. By communicating, residents can take steps to protect their trees from the disease.

Oak Wilt Injections

Injections are available to help protect trees from oak wilt. The injection consists of a fungicide and is typically used on trees that are not showing any signs of infection but that are within 100 feet of an infected tree. This can be an effective way to minimize the spread of oak wilt on a property, but it does need to be done on the surrounding trees as soon as oak wilt is detected to help stop it from spreading.

Oak Wilt Trenching

When an infected tree is detected, oak wilt trenching is a good way to stop the spread of the disease. Trenches can be dug around the tree, ensuring the roots of the infected tree do not reach the roots of other trees. When trenching is desired, the best option is to work with an expert that has the tools designed for trenching to get the deepest cut. This makes the trenching far more effective, which means it is able to better stop the spread of oak wilt.

Why Choose Us?

Caring for the trees on a property requires experience and knowledge. At We Love Trees, we work hard to make sure the trees we care for have everything they need to grow healthy and strong. We are members of the ISA and TCIA , and we have an A+ rating with the BBB. We have a certified arborist on staff to help with diagnosing oak wilt and can help with trees on residential and commercial properties.  We are licensed with the Texas Department of Agriculture for oak wilt fungicide applications and fully insured for your protection.

Oak wilt is a huge concern for Texas trees, which is why we own one of only three specialty trenching machines. This sets us above other companies, as we are able to get the deepest trench cut, protecting more oak trees and helping to prevent the spread. With fast action and the right tools, we can help protect the trees on your property from oak wilt disease.

With all that trees provide, it’s necessary to give back and make sure they’re taken care of, too. For residents and business owners in Wimberley, Dripping Springs, Driftwood, Bee Caves, and Westlake Hills, We Love Trees is available to provide the care needed to keep the trees healthy. Along with services to help prevent the spread of oak wilt disease, we also help with tree trimming, removal, fertilization, and other services. Call today to schedule a tree service or to get answers to any questions you might have about the trees on your property.